Nina Montejano is a visual artist currently based in San Diego. Mostly working with graphite on paper, she uses subjects that carry personal implications and meanings, which she has developed through her own life experiences. Although these subjects may lead to different interpretations for those who view her work, she hopes that the images she creates, which are derived from the everyday, but non-narrative and ambiguous, allow for wide association and challenge the viewers’ perception of the work and reception of meaning. Her work is personally meditative in its repetition of ordinary subjects and material handling; more importantly, however, it raises questions of meaning rather than giving a direct answer.


Nina earned her Bachelor of Arts in visual arts and architecture from the University of San Diego in 2019. She is currently an artist in residence in the ARTS DISTRICT at Liberty Station in San Diego, where she is making work in preparation for graduate school.

Click here to for more information about Nina's studio at Liberty Station.